Сondolences of some of the WAAS Board of Trustees Members


Alberto Zucconi:

I am saddened by the news of  Bohdan’ passing, I learned a lot from him, from his courage, creativity and aliveness.  I feel that to meet and interact with him was a real blessing for me. I am sure that his people and his foundation will  carry on the god work. My sincere condolences to his family, collaborators and friends.


Alexander Likhotal:

Very sad…Bohdan has been a legend…
He always managed to keep sober approach to most difficult challenges.
My sincere  condolences to his family and close ones.



pecceiRoberto Peccei:

Bohdan was one of the early members of the Club of Rome and a very good friend of my father.
I met him almost 40 years ago and always admired his spirit and interest in human affairs around the globe.
He will be greatly missed!


slaus-1Ivo Slaus:

It is a great loss.
Condolences to Bohdan’s family and friends.
We have to do whatever we can to continue his work.



Zbigniew Bochniarz:

My sincere condolences to His Wife and his Family. I met Bohdan first time at the international conference in Warsaw in fall 1985. He impressed everybody telling how important was a democratic system for sustainability using his Swiss cases – the country he used to live for decades. (Warsaw was still awakening from the martial law.) In the early 1990s, we met again at the preparatory workshop for UNCED in his residence near Geneva. Then since the end of 1990s until 2006, Bohdan was a spiritual leader on my USAID and USDOS projects focused on reforming Ukrainian management and economics education, as well as on building collaborative networks for economists and managers. We learned a lot from him and enjoyed strong support also from founded by Bohdan Business School – the MIM Kiev – established in Ukraine in 1989, as a sister school of his International Management Institute in Geneva. We will miss his inspiring ideas, great optimism and sense of humor, his smiling face full of friendliness and encouragement…


heitor-gurgulino-de-souza-his-wife-lilianHeitor Gurgulino de Souza & his wife Lilian:

I have not known Bohdan Hawrylyshyn  for a long time, but since I join our Academy and met him I cannot  forget his special friendliness, his great enthusiasm and his good ideas,
that he conveyed to me and other colleagues.

The special work of his Foundation over the years in Kiev and Geneva  is the best legacy he will leave for his family and to his former students. And we hope his family and former students will continue this great effort to coninue to assist future generations in his country.
My wife and I are very saddened by this news and  wish to convey to his family our very deep condolences.


Herwig Schopper:

Although I have known Bohdan only since a short time I was immediately impressed by his great personality. Not only WAAS but society as a whole has to deplore a great loss.

Please convey my deep condolences to his family.


 momir-djurovicMomir Djurovic:

It is a great loss.
My sincere  condolences to his family and close ones.