In 2014 Teple Misto Charitable Foundation (means “warm city”) was founded in Ivano-Frankivsk. Ivano-Frankivsk is a middle-sized city in Western Ukraine with 228 thousand citizens. Founded as an “ideal city” by Polish magnate Potocki, it has Polish, Austrian, Soviet and Ukrainian history. Modern Ivano-Frankivsk has numerous problems such as chaotic constructions, increasing of number of citizens and cars, neglecting of public spaces and brain drain. There are some advantages too: compact size and flat terrain makes city suitable for cycling. It is close to the mountains. Paying attention to the issues, “Teple Misto” decided to make city more comfortable for people. It has launched several projects to develop urban space and to strengthen social connections between citizens.


In 2013 Yuriy Fylyuk, a 33 years old entrepreneur, got interested in development of Ivano-Frankivsk and year after together with other initiators he created the Teple Misto Platform. The main goal of the Platform is to activate the intellectual middle class in the city to reach better living standards and realisation of citizens’ potential.


Started with the creation of a city brand and the guidelines for the architectural concept of the streets, Teple Misto got their first recognition on the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in 2014 IMG_9794by being shortlisted in the Large Scale Logo category.

Teple Misto team was looking for the sources to maintain own projects. This is how the idea of Urban Space 100 was created.

The project idea was simple and complicated at the same time: to open a social restaurant in Ivano-Frankivsk. It would become the successful example of uniting the community around the common goal. Uniqueness of the project was that the profit of the restaurant should be spent for the projects of city development. The founders were 100 social active people who were interested in the idea of qualitative development of the city space.

The model of Urban Space 100 lays at the intersection of different city ambiences. This is a restaurant where you can not only eat, but also socialise, discuss the ideas, find likeminded people, take part in the different workshops, read books, buy stuff in a shop opened there or organise your own activity on the stage (i.e. speech, presentation, concert or movie screening). This is a special place for creative and urban people, for those who think city must be comfortable for living: green, eco-oriented, correlated with the community interests.

To complete the task 100 different people were invited to equally finance the Urban Space 100 restaurant. The restaurant concept, design, menu, services and further management were arranged by “23 Restaurants”. Managing Company (i.e. “23 Restaurants”) can be changed if founders vote for that.

Urban Space 100 was opened on the 27 of December 2014. And now it is one of the best examples of the social entrepreneurship in Ukraine.

80% of profit goes for projects of Ivano-Frankivsk development. The decision, which projects to support, is taken by the founders who meet in Urban Space 100 quarterly.

Today Urban Space 100 has event or two every day. Discussions, lectures, concerts, movies, social and business events, meetings of experts combine young and adult visitors provoking open communication, dialogs (including those between citizens and city government), sharing the ideas and new initiatives or businesses to start.

In 2015 the restaurant has already financed five projects: the Art Residence with Jorge Pomar, an Argentinian street artist who created several murals in Ivano-Frankivsk; the City Grants, a program of Teple Misto to activate citizens providing them with the educational and financial (mini grants) support in the projects for city development; “Pension” social music project; renovation of Christmas Nativity Scene; and Urban Space Radio.


Besides that, Urban Space Radio has been launched in the restaurant last autumn. This is the on-line Radio raising the topics of urban development in Ukraine, energy efficiency and smart cities, bicycle as an alternative transport, creative economy, contemporary art and more. Along with that, the Radio plays only modern Ukrainian music supporting the new artists. IMG_9791

Built in the transparent glass studio inside the social restaurant, Urban Space Radio is not depending on its owner policy like other mainstream media. Teple Misto cooperates with the professionals to choose the music and to create interesting programs. You will never find any political propaganda or commercials on air. To start up the Radio Teple Misto gained a grant from Freedom House and opened crowdfunding campaign. Radio has funds for the first year of work and will apply for other grants and crowdfunding in the future.

Teple Misto is looking for opportunities to expand the idea of Urban Space 100 in other Ukrainian cities and abroad. At the moment Rivne, Odesa and Lviv are interested in taking over the initiative and to use the social restaurant model named after Urban Space.

Photos: Vasyl Goshovsky, Anton Kuba


Hanna Burlaka, Marketing Lead at Teple Misto Charitable Foundation

Participant of the “Young Generation will Change Ukraine” Program (Sweden, 2016)