From the perspective of the Program Participants

Our team is very active in discussing ideas that can change the lives of ordinary Ukrainians. That’s why we held over ten presentations of the “Young Generation Will Change Ukraine” implemented by Bohdan Hawrylyshyn Foundation.

Such a small milestone, the results of which we would like to share because this experience allowed us to create a list of myths and horror stories and challenges on the path to becoming participants of the program. The geography of our stories is quite wide: Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Severodonetsk and Kremenchug, with quite a diverse audience – students, civil society representatives and others. When we started to share experiences, we were amazed that we all had similar views, attitudes, problems and disturbance, regardless of age or area!


In our personal top list of problems in process of applying for the program “Young Generation Will Change Ukraine” team creating problem and finding like-minded people seems to be most hard to resolve. Sure enough, as the overall success of the group depends both on every individual member and work of the whole team. We tried to inspire future applicants by our own example: we told about our group members from Kharkiv, about the destruction of any barriers thanks to the modern technologies, and about the creation of a platform for the exchange of contacts for those wishing to join the program. We are sure that the main thing is the desire to work and interest in your chosen topics!

English language skills are still the obstacle for many youngsters interested in the program, especially for those who live in small towns. When during the presentation we started to speak out criteria, exactly when mentioning Englishprofeciency, it made people look at you the way: “Oh gosh, why did not you tell me that before?”

Although, when it comes down to it, many people know the language still at a good level but for some reason they do not believe in themselves. And in the opportunity to go abroad as well.

Gradually we move on to the next problem – lack of motivation and real examples for residents of small towns. There is much talk about why the situation is like that … but I simply suggest Association members to go home to their native villages and towns and tell about the program to their local youth. What could be more motivating than someone from your hometown, who, perhaps, studied at yours (or next – what’s the difference?) school, and with time could become a participant of the program?


An interesting observation: those who are over 25, ask more questions about the budget, tickets and obligations after the trip. Ideas are ideas, but we must also care about practical things!) It is pleasant and sometimes embarrassing to see the surprise and disbelief on the faces of people when you say that you make budget with the group and no imposes – it only can be adjusted by the Foundation or accepted as it is.

And when it turns out that all obligations except reporting and participation in conferences, are advisory rather than of ultimatum nature, people look extremely suspicious. How so? It’s a big financial investment … what, shouldn’t we return any material costs?..

If all people had a high level of confidence in their own powers, if they believed in yuth the way Bohdan Hawrylyshyn does, there would be no such questions and doubts. Let us learn from good examples, friends! 😉

And the last comic but acute issue:

No, Association of program participants is not a religious cult!  😉

No one can force adults to make presentations: we all work on a voluntary basis. Yes, it is because we believe in what we do. So, we joined the program because we share Bohdan Hawrylyshyn’s views on future of Ukraine.

Better understanding of the point will come after passing of all the stages of the program.


Anastasia Boyko,
Member of Association of “Young Generation Will Change Ukraine” Program participants