The first step to change things starts when you recognize that your actions matter and YOU start acting. THEN IS (Second step) when you start collaborating with others. This was a message from Bohdan Hawlyshun to future generations, outspoken in the documentary “Searching4Opportunities” by Oksana Udovyk and Adrian Bilabo.

Оксана + Адріан

A lot of young people, professionals, civil society representatives and politicians came to MIM Kyiv last Thursday, in order to listen to this message in the advance screening of the documentary. At the same time, they also learned about transformation of civil society in Ukraine, about sometime crazy and ambition ideas of youth, told by Bohdan Hawlyshun and two heroes of the movie – Oksana and Adrian. All viewers realized that youth indeed can change Ukraine and the Planet.


“I am not worried about the future of this country, if there are so many initiatives like these” was commented by Kateryna Yushchenko.

“Excellent, uplifting, inspiring film! … It is a pity I did not take my grandkids with me”

After the screening, public had a chance to ask questions not only to the director but also to the representatives of Ukrainian society initiatives featured in the movie. Heroes from RPR, Plushkin, Wonderful and EuroMadanSOS as well as Global Ukraine have shared their vision of the current situation in Ukraine and hope for the Future.DSC_0259

“We all can contribute. Really. Just think what you can do good and you can share for the better of your country, your big family and future of your kids. Ask yourself what can I do today? And do it!” said Natalia Zaverukha closing the event.

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