Bohdan Hawrylyshyn is – an incredible person. He is nearly ninety and his eyes shining with passion and enthusiasm which are not seen in people of twenty years old. . Personally, I explain it by the fact that Bohdan Dmytrovych spends his energy (and his own money) on Ukrainian youth. A few years ago, he established Foundation named after him and the key program of it calls: “Young generation will change the Ukraine.” Foundation takes away capable and active girls and boys, which have opportunity to study the European experience in various fields – from economy to ecology. Since the only requirement – then use that experience for the benefit of their country. The slogan of Bohdan Hawrylyshyn Charitable Foundation is – “Learn. Dream.Work with joy”. I am sure these same words many years ago Bohdan Dmytrovych raised to mark his own life – as incredible to human standards. Born in a small Galician village, after World War II he found himself in Europe, got an excellent education and became, as a result, one of the best-known economic advisers, analysts and educators in Canada and Switzerland – two countries where he lived most of his life.

Dozens of governments on all continents invited him for advice. In Ukraine, he advised the first President, four speakers and three prime ministers. To tell the truth, Bohdan Dmytrovych admits the current government does not show interest to his knowledge and experience. However, Hawrylyshyn does not mind – all his energy he invests in youth, which teaches to perceive Ukraine as a little puzzle of the universe at his own expense. That is – he teaches to think, predict and anticipate our tomorrow. Prosperous, peaceful and fair.


Photo: Mariya Shevchenko

– Bohdan Dmytrovych, the theme of “Third Maidan” has become a permanent background of our lives. As someone who was able to observe the political tragedies and triumphs without exaggeration, hundreds of the world countries, I want to hear your personal opinion – Is real Maidan-3 in Ukraine in the near future?

– The Ukrainian society is dominated by despair and hopelessness. The society is very and very unhappy with country situation.

There is a huge distrust to the government, or rather to its three key figures: the president, the prime minister and the speaker.

However, I think Maidan will not be. A necessary condition for revolution, its catalyst must become some striking event, or absolutely scandalous statement by the president or the prime minister. Although, the president cares more about his business, not about the situation in Ukraine. So, he met halfway, not insisting on the delivery of Minsk agreements; (on the part of Russia – Ed.)…

– So, do you think the resentment and dissatisfaction of people reaching a certain point, not converted into another surge of popular anger? For revolution is not enough people’s awareness of the fact that we managed by oligarch, who declared in the country “deoliharhization”?


So, one reasons of the dissatisfaction of people – the opportunity to observe that his business is growing, despite the Russian aggression.

Regarding to deoliharhization – it is strange to hear from him instructions to do something or not doing if firstly he has to said himself.

He is a insincere person with his own nation.

Do you know Poroshenko personally?

–  I know him very well – about fifteen years or even. Not once I had a dinner with him and his wife Maryna at their home.

I have to say I was a high opinion about the actual president. I was fascinated by how he developed his business. He did not get it, for example, as Victor Pinchuk got it, who took great wealth almost nothing. He really was a very effective leader in enterprise …

When  he was in the government, he came to me (as you know, Petro Poroshenko has worked as Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine in the government of Azarov – MYR in March – December 2012)

– To consult?

– for discussion  … Or – to exchange ideas – it is more delicate term (smiles). However, when he became the president, Poroshenko did not get in touch with me. Although, I think I could advise him something he needed.


– Maybe, he does not want to hear your advice? He is not a stupid man.

– No! He is a wise man. And he has some trump cards. For example, he knows very well English. It makes communication with his counterparts more easy, he does not need an interpreter. And his predecessors had stupid translators.


Photo: Mariya Shevchenko

What do you mean?

—  I mean those who did not know the language! Had happened I corrected translators of the president – while formal meetings  – they were not accurate in translation.

– But, being a wise person, as you say, Poroshenko did not seem to mind the steep decline in its ratings? Why?

– I do not know the answer. Although – as today Poroshenko’s rating is – 22%. And he was elected with the result of almost 55%. But I know that in the government should be people who possesses three things. Patriotism, competence, honesty. I call it “Principle of the PCH.”

Ukraine’s tragedy consists in: during all years of independence at the highest state positions were not taken by such people. And now they do not.

Such people are very few. And in the Cabinet of Ministers and in the Parliament and in the Presidential Administration. But are very few and, really, cannot solve anything.

– However, Yatsenyuk in one of his videos – address to the nation, said that the corruption is overcame at the top.

– I already do not listen to his addresses. There is no sense to listen.

 – Why do the heads of the state can afford to lie to its own people?

– You know, according to the documents,  Yatsenyuk is – the most qualified person in the whole country …. He has worked everywhere ( during his career ArseniyYatsenyuk has been working as the Minister of Economy of the Cremea Autonomous Republic, the Deputy Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine, acting Chairman of the National Bank, deputy chairman of the Odessa Regional State Administration, Minister of Economy, Foreign Minister of Ukraine, head of the Verhovna Rada – MYR).


— But now he is only “kind” and “wunder” disappeared  (Wunderkind in German, literally,Wonder-man MYR)

How he conducts the session of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine? Even in Soviet Ukraine in the Council of Ministers have been far wiser people. It was called – “Council” because there truly consulted.


And they nod their heads…

— – Yes, they nod their heads. But he talks to them as to waiters at the restaurant. So you know  it is not the way to conduct  the government session.

Chinese proverb says, it is already 2500 years old : “If you do something well, say -” we did it “, instead of” I did it. ”

Secondly, Yatsenyuk is not a moral person.


Photo: Mariya Shevchenko

Why do you think so?

— When in 2007 he created his foundation “Open Ukraine”, he invited to become the members of the Supervisory Board of the Foundation: Myroslav Popovych (academician, director of the Institute of Philosophy of NAS of Ukraine – MYR), Professor Vasilenko (Vladymyr Vasilenko,  the Ambassador Extraordinaryand Plenipotentiary of Ukraine, the representative of Ukraine in UN Council on human rights (2006-2010) – MYR) and me. I was the chairman of that Board. And now we come to our first meeting, we enter the room, but there was already sitting (but silently) Viktor Pinchuk. How is it? I would understand if there was Yatsenyuk. But – why Pinchuk?

In short, after this Yatsenyuk never invited us to him (at present time, the Supervisory Board of the Fundaition includes his wife Theresa Yatsenyuk (Chairman), writer Andrey Kurkov and publicist Mykola Riabchuk – MYR).

 — Why did he created this fund?

— Obviously, to buy the social legitimacy. Because at that time, not all believed he is – a great and decent man.

When he was the Minister of foreign affairs,several times a year he called Ukrainian ambassadors to an enlarged meeting. Once he asked me to make a report on the geopolitical situation in the world. I saw how he treated ambassadors – as boys.

So I am not really very surprised that he does what he does.

What problem in Ukraine do you consider as the most pressing?


Corrupt people are- everywhere, in the Parliament, in the Office of Public Prosecutor. The same Attorney General – why does he still in power? Because he is a godfather.(Kum)

The IMF has postponed its next tranche, because they do not see any serious steps to combat corruption.


So, I do not think that all these people can “reveal Ukraine.” This government cannot be able to reform Ukraine. It is not enough to “reform” the country must be “transformed” drastically.

Everything, absolutely everything must be changed – the structure of political power, economic system, social policy, environmental policy, all authorities. Everything must be totally changed.

– When will start the real changes, to your mind?

– The transformation of the country will begin in six years. And will go on the last seven.

– I do not really believe in such rapid change.

– Do I tell you the tales? I know it’s hard to believe, but it will.


Photo: Mariya Shevchenko

– Where do we have to start all this would be not a fairy tale but reality?

– With the realization that we must work, aware of the duty to the country, not just for the paycheck. Why did volunteers go to the ATO? With the obligation to save own country.

– There is only 10 percent of our society.

– That’s enough.

– Educate society must a political elite. And we do not have it. Who do we must follow?

– Yes, today we do not have the political elite. But all these young people who cooperate with my foundation are – our future elite.

Do you know that in Ukraine came back a thousand graduates of the world’s best universities? They returned to Ukraine, which is in terrible condition today, but where they studied, they could have a good salary. Why did they back? To work in Ukraine.

I know that many of those who returned home, together, wrote a collective letter to the current government – they were told about their education and asked – please take us, we are ready to work for your meager salary to do something for Ukraine. They received almost no reaction from the government.

One young Odessyt, Daniel Pasko, who graduated from Harvard Business School, independently developed a national strategy of deregulation. He has been coming to me, showing the achievements. In fact, it will be a breakthrough – if his proposals will be implemented. They are 28 adherents now and their project calls EasyBusines.

These people are the future elite of the country.

And we have created a school for deputies of all levels. These young people, our students will go to the elections. Maybe, they will not be the statistical majority, but they are moral majority of the legislature.

It was in March 90th – former political prisoners, writers, dreamers, idealists were then a minority of Verhovna Rada, they even were not the third part, but all they offered, ideologically bankrupt communists accepted. The same again now.

— By the way, why in Ukraine, in the early 90s, there was no breakthrough?

– Because those dreamers were fools. On the eve of the first presidential campaign came to me Yukhnovsky (Igor Yukhnovsky, professor, academician of NAS of Ukraine, deputies of Ukraine I-IV convocations, one of six candidates for president Ukraine during the election of 1991, among Democratic candidates were also Viacheslav Chornovil and Levko Lukyanenko – MYR) and says, “Bohdan, I will be a candidate.” I told him: “Igor, how many people do know you?” Well, in the Academy of Sciences someone knows a little known at home in Lviv. How many votes will you get? One percent. And it will be good. Why do waste the voices?

– Are you not afraid of the mistakes were made 25 years ago, that your students-politician will make today?

I am not

Because we are not looking for leaders. We even do not use the word “leader” in our studios. Come to power must patriotic, competent and decent people, as I said. O course, they must be ambitious, but it must not be a defining feature. And people should be able to dream. I began to dream of the important things when I was 12. I was born in a poor, disorderly Poland (Koropets village, the birthplace of Hawrylyshyn, belonged to Poland, now it is the territory of Ternopil region – MYR) I dreamed to become a free man. And now in my native village I established three fundations:  in the VTS, which operates in the village since 1993, I implemented a scholarship named after my father, and in a secondary school – scholarships named after my mother, and in the music school where studing 150 students – scholarships behalf of my older sister.


Photo: Mariya Shevchenko

 – Do you believe in the future of Ukraine?

– Of course.

We will overcome everythinng. We have experienced worse. We experienced the famine. But the root of the nation is alive.


By Galyna Plachinda, edition MYR

Source: Inform Agency MYR