New technologies, computerization of almost all systems, incredibly fresh air and one of the longest coastlines in the world. This is the first impression when you get in Norway. People even in a hurry to workare always happy to help tourists find their necessary destinations, to answer the question “what time is it now” or to share experiences on the “mix” of weather today. Everyone is a part of a huge mechanism that is continuously combining transparency and legitimacy of democratic processes and higher efficiency and productivity of labour, constantly concerned with the preservation of national wealth and resources for future generations.

“With the opening of «Ekofisk» in 1969, the economic boom caused a number of changes in various spheres of life. Due to the confidence of Norwegiansin their political representatives, this has enabled good governance and development of a reliable legal framework to attract sound investment to the country”, said Deputy Director General, Department of International Affairs of the Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Norway, Jorunn Anne Salthella.

During the discussion with Ms Jorunnit was tangibly evident she is proud of the results between the Ministry and how the energy sector of the country works, because the energy industry alone produced 15% of GDPin 2015. Ms Jorunneagerly says that every consumer of electricity and gas is free to decide on the choice of supplier of Energy Services among a large number of competitors. “Last year, I decided that it would be appropriate to establish independent wind systems for maintenance of buildings with electricity. I am very grateful to the promotion system that our country supports. Thus increasing the number of people who would be interested in establishing environmentally friendly systems in their homes or workplace. Almost 60% of my investment in my house will pay back during the next 10 years”, extoled Anna.








Many areas are still unexplored and undiscovered in the four seas of Norway. “The main goal of all companies involved in the energy sector in Norway has been and is increasing efficiency! It’s not important how much, but it is important in which way power is generated”, said Harald Flølo Hawkins, Adviser at Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy. Looking at electricity production, 96% of it is produced using hydroelectric power. But there are some disadvantages, because “The main challenge for the Norwegian energy system is linked to two elements: production varies due to changes in precipitation and demand, large non-predictable variations due to changes in temperatures”, said Mr Hans Companies such as Enova, Statnett, NVE play a key role in the ecological balance and effectiveness of hydroelectricity for Norway.

An interesting fact is that cooperation between Norway and Ukraine in the sphere of energy and implementation of efficient energy technologies was established on a firm footing only at the end of 2014, namely with the advent of the Norwegian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce (NUCC), which has provided enormous bilateral benefits for both countries.

“Ukraine has great potential to become a world leader using their natural environment and incredible intelligence of people with their hardwork and other excellent skills”, enthusiastically said Project Manager in the NUCC Linda Skjold Oksnes. “We are currently working with theteam from Easy Business, which already has 11 initiatives in the energy sector and 17 initiatives in the field of oil and gas”. For the Ukrainian market, experts of NUCC seeimplementation of the reform to effect the price of gas or electricity that everyone should pay according to what they use in the market. Benefits, subsidies and other “privileges” only harm the development of healthy competition in the Ukrainian market.

Each expert tried to show how he is proud of his work and enjoys beinga Norwegian. The Government Pension Fund of Norway was mentioned many times during our trip, no matter in which sphere the representative with whom we met specialized. Why is this Fund so important for each citizen? An explanation is that this Fund is a unique phenomenon that manages the wealth of each Norwegian and boosts solidarity and homogeneity of society. “The Government Pension Fund is saving for future generations in Norway. One day the oil will run out, but the return on the Fund will continue to benefit the Norwegian population”, said Geir Haug, Adviser at «Greater Stavanger».

These wonderful impressions have put Norway into my heart forever. For me it was the first country with a cold climate where I felt so comfortable, due to the atmosphere generated by the people who live there.

Yulia Yehorova