Meeting at “Knyharnia Ye”  Bookshop

June 3, 2016

Last week Bohdan Hawrylyshyn visited “Knyharnia Ye” Bookshop to meet with the readers and talk about efficiency in personal life and on global level. It was his second visit to this cozy shop, and as before, it was not enough room to swing a book in. There were so many visitors that they have crowded all passages of the shop and many of them had to stand for two hours driven by the desire to hear a wise Ukrainian and be able to ask him a question. A conversation turned out to be really interesting and worth postponing the rest of her affairs that evening.

What is it to be an effective person and can we learn to become so? – Dr Hawrylyshyn was thinking aloud when talking to the audience.  Here are some characteristics of a successful person according to Bohdan Hawrylyshyn :

  1. A successful person/an effective person learns lifelong. There is a good Chinese proverb: Experience is like a lantern on your shoulders. It enlightens the path behind you, but not the way that is still ahead. So, it is more important to learn than to rely on one’s experience.
  2. A strong will and strong self-discipline. In other words, do what you got to do and what is useful, rather than just what you want to do.
  3. Be self-confident, believe in yourself  and in the power of your dreams.
  4. Dream of large, unattainable things, but not of something trivial. Otherwise you risk to become a very effective person in commonplace affairs.

“Tell me, Mr. Bohdan, how to educate a boy? A very talented and clever one”- suddenly asked one of the guests. “It a good question” – said Dr. Hawrylyshyn.  He advised in any case not to impose any authority on the boy, ask a teenager more questions, so that he had a feeling that he managed his educational process by himself. Speaking about family –that evening Dr Hawrylyshyn’s wife and daughter with her husband and son also visited the event to listen and support the speaker. At the beginning of the lecture, Mr. Bohdan admitted that it was still very difficult for him to concentrate when he saw close relatives in the audience. One could almost feel a strong connection they had with each other. The real family magic… But let us return to the effectiveness. When the lecture passed on to the effectiveness of countries the audience became even more active, and the conversation shifted to politics. Some of the guests remembered the days when Bohdan Hawrylyshyn was an adviser to presidents and prime ministers, and even asked why he still has not changed the country … But what can be said? It is for these changes in the country that Bohdan Hawrylyshyn Foundation have been founded and the program “Young Generation Will Change Ukraine” created.  More young professional patriotic Ukrainians join the program each year. Finally, to conclude it all, let us say that it is great when young generation come to such to meetings to listen and learn from wise people, who have half the world behind and who have so many things to share.


Kateryna Bekreniova